Our Studio

Our Studio

The entire Hero Yoga Waterloo space is specifically designed for hot yoga. The Yoga Room is intentionally heated by radiant ceramic panels that hang from the ceilingInstead of forcing hot air into the room, these panels heat the objects directly underneath them. This effects the body uniquely when practicing yoga, often increasing blood flow and flexibility in tense areas. 

We have also engineered a customized HVAC system to work in synch with these panels. Our HVAC system is designed to draw in coolerHEPA filtered air while venting the hot air directly outdoors through a large exhaust port. Combined with a series of large ceiling fans, this system allows us to rapidly change the air in the room with minimal disruption during class. 

In addition to being a sustainable resource and looking great, the bamboo flooring in the studio room is moisture, allergen and bug resistant. It also does a great job of retaining the heat from the panels, (people often think that the floor heats the room!) 

Our lobby is designed to facilitate community. We want everybody to feel welcome and comfortable. Feel free to stick around after class to chat, ask questions about the practice and share your experiences.

We offer spacious changeroom and shower facilities that are comfortably laid out and meticulously maintained. Feel free to change and shower after class if you wish.