Hot Yoga Classes

Hero Yoga integrates the universal concept of the "Hero's Journey" with an accessible, challenging, and rewarding hot yoga practice. We have a variety of teachers and classes dedicated to helping you engage with the practice, achieve your goals and enjoy the results.

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Hero Slow : Strong and Steady

These hot yoga classes are done at a reduced pace. The change in pace is ideal for beginners but is advantageous for experienced members as well. 

The reduction in pace allows for more deleberate instruction and a deeper description of the benefits of the practice. If you've never done yoga before, this is a great place to start!

A slower pace also creates the potential for longer holds in poses. For many, a slower paced class can actually be more challenging and beneficial. 

Experienced members looking to improve core strength, mental and physical endurance and develop a deeper understanding of the context of their practice will find these classes compliment their regular practice nicely. 

Beginners are highly encouraged to attend, all are welcome!