Our Story

Our story

We are Hero Yoga Waterloo!  

We offer fun, accessible, and challenging Hot Yoga classes.

We’re excited for you to join us in the next phase of our yoga studio and our community.

Our studio has been through a transformation recently.

Our Mission

Ultimately, our mission is to inspire our community members to live heroic, purposeful, lives.
We aim to do this by aligning the relatable story-telling process of the Hero’s Journey with the life-changing benefits of a regular Hot Yoga practice.
Our goal is to teach fun, accessible, (and challenging!) Hot Yoga that our members love and are motivated to repeat. The skill development (mental and physical) that results from a consistent practice can be individually useful and collectively; very powerful. We aspire to direct our work toward the development of heroic characteristics individually and communally.  

Kundalini Yoga

About Us

We originally opened way back in 2008. For 12 years, we operated as Moksha Yoga Waterloo and Modo Yoga Waterloo. Although our studio is no longer affiliated with Modo Yoga, we look back fondly on o

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Sound Healing

Our Name

The inspiration behind the name Hero Yoga comes from a love of yoga, literature, and story-telling.   

The concept of a hero is personally relatable, culturally accessible, and alig

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Holistic Therapy

Our Logo

The Hero Yoga Lion was specifically chosen to represent our studio for several reasons.   

First of all, The characteristics of the Lion match closely with the characteristics of th

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